Sunday, February 24, 2013

Building A House For Marcel and His Family With An Amazing Group....

My life is not my own. To You I belong. I give myself, I give myself to You.

           After first looking at Marcels' property, I thought to myself " This is going to be a very challenging week. How are we ever going to finish this house in one week!? " The road leading to Marcels' property was narrow, winding and very bumpy. I did not think it would be possible to be able to haul block all the way back there. But I thought it over again and realized this was something I needed to just give to God. I needed to put my trust in him. Luke 1:37  says " For nothing is impossible with God." 
         Randy Mansfield came a few days before the group was to arrive. He wanted to try to prep everything before hand so it would save us a lot of time. We squared off the property, bought all the materials needed (Wood, tin,rebar, nails, screws, cement and a couple dump truck loads of sand) and hauled around 3000 block over to Marcels' property. It was an amazing feeling that we could get all that done before hand. We were ready to build a house.
                                          He is faithful        
The group that arrived were mostly from Illinois and Randy and Gloria brought a small group from Florida with them. Which included Justin, who has decided to move down here for six months and help on the block machine as well. It has truly been a blessing having him here. To be able to share this experience and do what God has called us both to do together has been amazing. Looking very much forward to what God has in store for the both of us during our time in Haiti. 
  All together the group consisted of a little over 20 of us. From the start everyone was eager and very willing to do anything to help. I really enjoyed getting to know all them during the week they were down here. There were so many things the group got accomplished it was really inspiring. With everyones help, we ended up finishing Marcels house in only 3 days!! During the week we got to know the community that lives around Marcel. The kids were so cute and extremely fun to play with and their fathers even helped us build Marcels house. Another miracle that happen was that Randy knew of a man who could drill us a well out in Canaan. After getting his rig back by Marcels property he was able to drill and find fresh clean water the very first try! He is faithful. The well is going to be used as a community well and will be able to provide fresh clean water for everyone around. 
The land that the whole community lives on is called Canaan (The Promise Land). We thought that was just a really neat sign neat and yet another confirmation from God that we were building the right house. Keep Canaan in your prayers because we think God is calling us out there to build more houses for the rest of that community. He is faithful. The last day Marcel brought his family to the house and as a group we all prayed over him and his new home. Marcel was very thankful to have a new home and were equally blessed that we were able to build him one. 
Not only was the group busy with building Marcels house, there were small groups spread out during the week doing Gods' work: There was a group that went out to the boys orphanage and did a lot of much needed painting and handed out brand new shoes and t-shirts for the boys, there was also a medical team that easily helped over a couple hundred people, and the group even did a VBS every evening for the local kids at the mission house. It was amazing to see their gifts from God being used in so many different ways. On top of all that there were so many more things that they did to help. Fixing the vehicles, the block machine, painting the inside of the mission house, cleaning, Gloria cooking most of the meals (Thanks so much!) They always were willing to help with anything. It was awesome.God is Awesome! I really enjoyed hearing peoples testimonies in the evenings of the amazing things that had happened that day. Overall it was an great great week and thoroughly enjoyed everyones fellowship! It was a blessing being surrounded by people that just wanted to serve God. Please Pray for Amanda and Dee!! They are an amazing couple from the group and they are moving down to Haiti in July to run the block machine.Keep them in your prayers!! There is amazing work being done in Haiti! God is moving! Haiti is changing! He is faithful. 
                            Luke 1:37  says " For nothing is impossible with God." 
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